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gull 101 Sep 21, 2007 at 22:43

Hi everyone,

I work for a company that is looking to license various sound effects files. We’ll essentially then be selling these as loops (for use with our own software), so we can’t simply buy a sound effects CD and use that. So, we’re looking for someone who has created their own library of sound effects who is willing to license them to us. We’re looking for a non-exclusive buyout, which means that we would have the rights to use the sounds in whatever way we see fit, but the person who licensed them to us would also have full rights to them, and could sell them him/herself, or license them to someone else.

One thing that also might make this a bit more difficult is that we’re looking for clips that are a minimum of 30 seconds (preferably longer, 1-3 minutes). For example, if one of the files was a recording of a crackling fire, we wouldn’t want to hear the exact same crackle and pop every 5 seconds.

Here are some of the types of sounds that we’d like to license:

Whale song
Crackling fire
Ocean sounds
Jungle sounds
A variety of bird songs
Wind, rain

If anyone is able to provide this for us, please email me at tobinf@hotmail.com. Please put “sound effects” in the subject field (or the email will likely be automatically deleted).

thanks for your time!

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