OpenGL+OpenAL Oscilloscope

Kings 101 Sep 08, 2007 at 00:30

I’m working on a project using OpenAL and OpenGL, the latter I’m au fait with but I’m new to audio programming and running into a bit of trouble. To help me visualize any signal processing I’m doing I’m trying to implement a crude oscilloscope with glPoint but I’m having a hard time finding the amplitude of the waveform.

I’m loading a 16bit PCM wav with the following code:

ALvoid* data;
    alutLoadWAVFile("wavdata/Notify.wav", &format, &data, &size, &freq, &loop);

Now from my very limited knowledge of OpenAL and the PCM format, I was lead to believe that ‘data’ should contain 16bit chunks of data representing the waveform amplitude, but the access violations are making me think otherwise.

Could anybody shed any light on this? I’ve been googling all night and I can’t find anything of great use.

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