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Eep_ 101 Jul 10, 2007 at 11:15

It might just be easier to move the database results to the Wiki so it can be formatted like a table/matrix and anyone (registered, preferably) can edit it without having to go through the approval process (which is so 20th century). Works for Wikipedia anyway…

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TheNut 179 Jul 10, 2007 at 13:08

While perhaps not a bad way to summarize the database, it’s not viable to use a matrix to represent an engine’s feature list. Being a Wiki, what’s stopping you from going ahead and implementing this table? :wacko:

Eep_ 101 Jul 10, 2007 at 13:25

I’m a tad bit busy with my own “database” at the moment. And I would argue a table/matrix is perhaps the best way to summarize the database, because it’s a quick reference/comparison of engines and features. Obviously, the more engines in the table, the more difficult it is to compare things, which is why the table should be configurable as to which engines/features are displayed (as I plan on making my game comparison database eventually).

To start, for my comparison table, I’ve at least already done collapsable row groups, but configuring which columns to appear, without duplicating lots of cells (to get rid of col-/rowspans) is going to be more work (and I’d rather have the table automatically regenerated if a particular column is de-/selected).

I’d like to eventually link to/merge with the 3D engines database so I don’t have to duplicate a lot of info that’s already present here because a lot of the info I compare, while not as technical as what’s in this database, still applies to my comparison (though I apply it more vaguely).

Anyway, again, I’m not saying to only present the database as a table but make an option. See this thread for an earlier discussion about making the database into an optional table/matrix.