Engine Listing - Operating system is not extensive enough.

Dean_Avanti 101 Mar 30, 2007 at 23:48

I see that for platform DS and Wii are not listed, PSP
I am amazed to see only 4 engines for the PSP, what there are only 4 engines in the entire world that support the PSP.

Id sure like to see what on earth people are using for the wii and DS, the only thing Ive found for the wii is the Vicious engine, that’s not on the list at all. That does PSP as well and is not on the list. DS I myself have found nothing, not 2d or 3d, god knows what people use for that, they must all use in house tools.
also the platforms list PlayStation and xbox, a distinction should be made for ps2 and xbox 360.

Is the engine list really up to date, where are the engines for the new hardware?

Also what happened to this part of the forums?
3D Engines


That was a really handy part of the site, true a lot of the same questions was asked but it served a purpose.
Where has it gone.

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TMichael 101 Mar 31, 2007 at 05:24

XNA is not listed either.

For some reason, submitted engine updates seem to be ignored or just not maintained anymore. I read something about multiple submissions being ignored in another thread as well. I tried submitting information on Blade3D a few weeks ago, but it was never added. Also, the top ten lists have not been updated in some time, and at least one engine on that list is not even available anymore.

If it’s a time issue, I’m sure there are many here willing to step in and help if given the chance. I certainly would. This database is the best game engine resource available on the web and I hate to see it getting outdated.


Dean_Avanti 101 Mar 31, 2007 at 09:14

Also where is the place to ask about engines, what part of the site can I ask.