Exercise Bike Game, need some help

Xualk 101 Feb 09, 2007 at 22:42

Well, first the mandatory introduction ;)

I’m trying to design a video game to be used with a stationary bike.
This game should be controlled with the pedalling and steering of the stationary bike.

I was trying to come up with some ideas for a game where the player will use the bike to move and controll the characters but the bike is not present in the game (i.e. the player wants to use some kind of machine and s/he will power it by peddaling, but s/he wont see the bike in the game or be riding the bike)

I came up with a paper boy like game at first but im trying to get the bike out of the game and be a little more creative. seems like im kinda burnt out now since i cant think of something that convinces me, so what I ask is if anyone out there have a idea of a game where the player can simulate:

  • Hill climb (increasing pedalling motion, like when climbing a hill)
  • Rolling hill (like going up and down a series of hills)

So, any help or comment is welcome, and maybe we can get closer to a game idea, thanks!

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Ellis1138 101 Feb 11, 2007 at 03:46

They aren’t games, but a lot of exercise places have something like that, where the treadmill or whatever goes up and down.

Also, back when I was a kid, arcades used to have these video games where you’d climb on a motorcycle-looking seat, you’d actually turn the handles, press the pedals with your feet and lean, and in front of you was the video screen and you’d ride.

So you may want to visit arcades to get ideas. The paper boy thing reminds me of “I want my $2!!!” from the movie “Better Off Dead.” :)