creating an MMORPG

Teldath 101 Jan 11, 2007 at 20:49

i am working on designing my own MMORPG, sadley, i dont know what im doing.
i have about 150 Word pages or Ideas. Crafting systesm, combat systems, UI designs, storylines, and quests. but i dont really know what to do with it. I want to get it made, perfeably by a large developer (daydreams) or by a small company. i dont know who to talk to, or specificaly what i need. and i have run into a few problems.

  1. i dont know anything about game design.
  2. i dont know anything about programming

i am a writer, a dream, plain and simple.
a) is it necessary to know programming?
B) how should i oraganize the information, most of the information i have is very specific, they arn’t just “this needs to feel like this” is all “you will make the player feel like this by doing this, this, and this.”
c) who do i send it to? how should i send it.

also, im not very good at legal stuff either, so i need to ask this.

do i need to get the ideas copywrited? or marked as my own, incase a game developer steals them all, or not? can i let other people see it?

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