UndeadScript scripting language and Undead Cocoon :-)

Bad_Sector 101 Nov 23, 2006 at 16:03

UndeadScript is a scripting language that i’m developing since some months (actually more than a year…) ago. It started for my Undead Engine (so the name) although currently there is no bound between the engine and UndeadScript. A very premature version of the UndeadScript library was used last year for Nikwi, a 2d arcade/platform game.

Since Nikwi, i’ve added several features to UndeadScript, including functions, garbage collection and classes (with inheritance).

Besides Nikwi, there is no other “public show” of UndeadScript, so i decided to make a small demo for UndeadScript. The library itself is not yet available, since there are things to be done and documentation to be written :-). However the library is able to handle non-trivial situations and drive a game.

The syntax is very clean and simple based on familiar constructs found in Java, C++ and JavaScript. It also has static strong typing, which allows for better performance (no type checking in runtime, as required -for example- by JavaScript) and less bugs due to invalid types used.

To show all these, i made Undead Cocoon, a small program that provides simple 2D functions (based on SDL) for initializing a video mode, loading images and drawing them in other images or to the screen. The page contains binaries for Linux and Windows.

Later i also made a modification to Undead Cocoon, which has a little more complicated scripts for doing simple 3D projections, matrix/vector classes and having a few balls rotating around to show them.

The library will be released “soon”, which means “as soon as i manage to implement a few small things and write the documentation” :-).

However, until then, i’m looking forward to your comments on what is available now (language syntax, features, etc) :-).

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