Problem of displaying Chinese & Thai font in Java J2ME games on Samsung D520

WishesComeTrue 101 Sep 08, 2006 at 10:02

Hi all,
I have search through multiple forum to look for the respective solution for this problem but still i do not find any solution to this problem.
I have Samsung SGH-D520 on hand which is able to display the Chinese & Thai font on the phone menu’s by using the pre-set system language. Using the same code in java J2ME game to display english, chinese and thai character, the result was it failed to display any single Chinese & Thai font. But it can sucessfully display the English character properly. The result for the code to display chinese and thai character, it does not show anything on the screen at all.
Hopefully anyone who have encouter this problem before can help me to solve this problem.

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Laughing_Jack 101 Sep 08, 2006 at 23:09

While I can’t say I’ve worked on either this particular handset or with chinese/thai fontsets, there is a problem with a large number of Samsung handsets displaying any characters that don’t fit in the ‘base’ 128 ASCII character set (edit: when trying to use the SIZE_SMALL font size). What I’ve seen when working on localizations to latin-based languages is that most accented characters just don’t get displayed at all.

The way that I’ve seen this worked around is by ensuring that you are using the Medium-size font (ie: use SIZE_MEDIUM or SIZE_LARGE when defining the font). Otherwise I’ve had to use a custom font engine to do my displaying.

G’luck, and be sure to let us know what you find out.