Kynapse and other AI middleware

Alucard 101 Aug 25, 2006 at 14:58

Do you have an experience of usage of Kynapse SDK? If so please describe its main advantages, disadvantages and problems.
More precisely:
- How good do you find there architecture?
- How flexible is it? Is it easy to correct (adopt to your needs) some behaviour that you don’t like?
- How useful/reusable standard agents/services?
- How good their support is it?
- Is it easy to integrate into the game code?
- How good its performance? Do its hierarchical path finding and streaming perform well?
- Which technologies do you use on top of the middleware (HFSM, GOAP, RBS)?
- Do you have mass traffic/vast theritories in your game and how good Kynapse cope with them?
- Anything else that you find essential to say about Kynapse?

Maybe you used some other AI middleware. Then drop some lines about it please.

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