New recruitment policy.

Methulah 101 Jul 09, 2006 at 11:41

Hey guys,
I know this forum is mostly used as a medium for suggestion, but I’d like to throw in some feedback here too. I like the new recruitment policy, because it doesn’t dicriminiate, and it will easily seperate the projects worth interest from those that aren’t.

I do have a few suggestions and some more feedback, though. First off, I would recommend a dedicated recruiting forum. Theoretically, one for teams recruiting and one for individuals looking for teams, but I know that would take up a lot of forum space for very little traffic, and might look clunky. However, for those of us that aren’t looking for developers, and aren’t looking for a team, it’s nice to be able to still visit the “Personal Announcements” forum without being swamped by help wanted posts and the like. Help wanted boards aren’t that rare, and I’m sure the one would get enough traffic to make it worthwhile.

I would like to know what kind of things you lock though. Would a post asking for people to test a game demo for bugs be locked? In particular this sort of situation would benefit from a thread where users from this forum posts their findings and feedback, rather than getting a lot of redundant comments, because no one knows what has already been said. Perhaps some more discussion on what classifies as a recruitment post should happen.

Either way, it’s a change for the good. Nice to see it happen.


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Reedbeta 167 Jul 09, 2006 at 13:03

In my mind, a recruitment post is one where the poster is asking for others to join his “team” (implying a longer term commitment). I wouldn’t consider “here’s my demo, please try it out and give feedback” to be a recruitment post, as it only takes a few minutes of anyone’s time. :) A separate recruitment forum will, I think, be coming; I just can’t create it myself, only Dia can do that.

TheNut 179 Jul 10, 2006 at 01:13

The problem with a recruiting forum is that nobody cares =P I don’t even recall a single post about anyone seriously wanting to join someone’s project. Indeed it has a lot to do unprofessional presentation, but some people just want to break in the industry and they really don’t know any better.

I think what most people really want is to just be part of a team, even if it means throwing their own ideas away and joining a more successful group. Perhaps we could implement a “Current Projects” forum or feature where people can get all the information (docs, screenshots, team members, etc…) and decide whether or not they can contribute to that project. The presentation of that material must follow a DevMaster standard so nobody sidetracks. Since these types of projects are rarely presented here in that fashion, I think it would do well to boost community sprit and improve the overall quality here. In fact, DevMaster should be hosting some of these projects (small and simple ones). Someone from the project could maintain documentation about the project life, documenting how things started, progressed, and finished, so people can see first hand how things are done.

eddie 101 Jul 10, 2006 at 08:32

While I think your idea has merit, TheNut, I don’t think it precludes having a recruiting forum.

Personally, I’ll never go to a recruiting forum myself. However, it seems like a lot of people (mostly newbies) *do* enjoy the recruiting forum, if only for their first post. I say let them have that, and if they get any bites, great. If they don’t, we can always have a sticky at the top that says, “If your projects not garnering interest, read this post to find a better alternative”, where we discuss ideas like what you’ve suggested.

There’s obviously a demand for a place to post these types of recruiting posts, and I’m all for putting them somewhere where the regulars won’t bash the newbies, and the newbies can discover on their own, in a non-harsh way, that recruiting for vapour projects just doesn’t happen. :)

My two cents. ;)

azoundria 101 Jul 21, 2006 at 04:17


I am not happy at all with the new recruitment policy, especially it’s timing. My topic has an unanswered question on it that will most likely result in majorly lowered interest in my project.

The very purpose of a forum is to allow discussion on topics, and I enjoy discussion on my recruitment post. If someone has a question I have forgotten to answer in my post, or I have made a mistake in it, I would like to know so I can add/fix it. When people reply with interest, it gives me more interest. When people reply negatively, it gives me something to work on. I have never lost from comments except spam.

So now my topic is dead, doomed to live until 15 people have created their own topics. In the good old days(yesterday), I could have answered peoples questions and kept it alive.

But this is not the part that annoyed me the most. On top of not being able to add replies and updates, this forum does not allow me to edit my posts in those topics. Now if I forget something important, I need to repost completely, and either end up with two posts in the Recruitment section or wait until the post dies and build another one.

When I post something, I build it up in stages usually. I know some of you, it just comes to you the first time in perfect words what you want to say, but for me, it takes a lot of planning. I like the freedom to be able to fix typos and add more effective words from time to time.

I have been with DevMaster for a while, and I have tons of other forums I can return to. All of them allow me these freedoms. I just thought you should know, what you’re doing is probably a bad decision for your forum.

Reedbeta 167 Jul 21, 2006 at 04:25


When I post something, I build it up in stages usually. I know some of you, it just comes to you the first time in perfect words what you want to say, but for me, it takes a lot of planning. I like the freedom to be able to fix typos and add more effective words from time to time.

With respect to that particular issue, as far as I know you can still edit your posts within a certain time limit (I think 30 minutes) after they are posted. After that the edit button disappears (in all the forums, not just the recruitment forum).

monjardin 102 Jul 24, 2006 at 18:23

@azoundria: Your post links to you own website/forum. So, how does closing the forum thread prevent replies from reaching you?

If someone is that interested, all they have to do is follow your link. However, the vast majority of DevMaster forum readers are not going to respond. Hence, it is preferable not to see recruitment posts constantly bumped.

A recruitment post should be very well thought out. With that in mind, write your post in a word processor. Then spell-check and proof-read it before pasting it into the forum. Think of it like passing out fliers around town. Once you send the master copy to the press (ie, this forum) it can’t be easily changed.