Redway3D Announces the Redviewer v1.2 - a previsualisation tool for Autodesk 3dsmax / VIZ

Redway3d is proud to announce the availability of the Redviewer v1.2, a previsualisation tool for 3dsmax / VIZ. The Redviewer displays a high quality interactive raytraced rendering of your scene while working on it, right into the viewport you want. The display includes materials (even complex ones, supporting almost all kinds of maps: 2D, 3D, procedurals, compositors), real time soft and hard shadows (shadow map or raytraced) and true reflections. The deep integration of Redviewer into 3ds Max® / VIZ enables the user to work with in less than 5 minutes. No export nor dedicated data are needed.

Read the full story and get a free trial version here.


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