Crystal Space Conference

15 and 16 July 2006 the Crystal Space team, together with the Center of Learning and Knowledge Management and Department of Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering (ZLW/IMA) at the university of Aachen (Germany) will hold the very first Crystal Space Conference. During those two days developers and users of Crystal Space will talk about technical and artistic issues related to developing 3D games using the Crystal Space framework. Talks include subjects like advanced shader techniques, the Crystal Entity Layer game framework, case studies of projects using Crystal Space.

For more information on registration and the current list of talks and workshops please visit:

Crystal Space is an Open Source and portable 3D Engine Framework that works on GNU/Linux, Windows, and MacOS/X. Crystal Space supports a lot of modern features like stencil shadows, CG shaders, hierarchical animated models using CAL3D, level of detail, 3D sound, physics using ODE, and a lot more. More information on Crystal Space can be found here:


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