Release 5.01 of the PathEngine SDK available

The PathEngine SDK is a toolkit for implementing intelligent agent movement, based on a sophisticated 'points of visibility' pathfinding solution implemented over arbitrary 3D ground meshes.

Key features are seamless pathfinding through overlapping geometry, advanced dynamic obstacle management, and powerful content processing functionality.

Release 5.01 adds support for generating extended preprocess against multiple obstacle sets, makes some significant performance improvements and adds improved support for terrain areas in the content processing stage.

PathEngine's clients include:

* IMC Games, for 'Granado Espada'
* IronLore Entertainment, for 'Titan Quest'
* Flying Lab Software, for 'Pirates of the Burning Sea'
* many more - (see for a fuller list).

For more information about the SDK, including demos and documentation, or to request a commercial evaluation please visit


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