Launches New Two-Week “Seeing Double” Game Development Contest

Game development website has launched a new development competition. “Seeing Double,” a contest spanning just over two weeks, challenges developers to create games that feature two separate ways of presenting information to the player. Seeing Double is the 12th contest the site has formally run; prior to this, the most recent contest was Four Elements IV, an event that ran from June until October last year and saw over 40 games compete for top-quality development tools and hardware.

Seeing Double asks developers to create a game prototype that is “based around two simultaneous views of the game world. These could be as simple as two simultaneous camera angles (forwards and backwards, side and top, etc), or could look at presenting different families of information about the game world, such as an infra-red or x-ray view, visualisation of sound or smell, or even things entirely specific to a fictional game world.” The contest runs from February 28th until 5pm GMT on March 16th, and contestants can submit entries that run both on Windows-based systems or Macintosh OS X-based systems.

Prizes include a free six-month subscription to’s premium service “GDNet+,” which includes a developer journal, the ‘GD Gathering’ social networking service, web hosting, a project showcase, and software and book discounts.

The website can be found at The homepage for the Seeing Double contest is at


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