Jet3D v2.5 Beta 1 Update Released

Jet3D's WYSIWYP, (What-you-see-is-what-you-play), World Editor "JDesigner3D", is it's greatest asset.
And now it is Sporting many new enhancements and fixes to better serve 3D artist as an "All-in-one".
Our Goal is leaning towards the User friendly interface as that of Unreal 2.0/UnrealED.

Some of the recent changes include:

+ SHOW/HIDE brush groups for better scene manipulation.
+ 'Drag and Drop' has been enable to better group selected brushes inside the group and Model list.
+ A COMPLETE HTML HELP Manual is now included with JDesigner3D.
It Includes new tutorials and a an overview of the Jet3D world builder interface.
+ 2D rendering now handled by ID3DXSprite (DirectX)
+ Textures LOCK to brush face.
+ Actor Export plugs for 3dsmax 6 & 7 (not in Update EXE)
+ Export/Import selected sets of brushes (Prefabs)
+ Seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor levels
(no need to load another level to have a game take you 'outdoors'.)
+ New jDesigner3D TOOLBAR, Explorer ICONs, GUI artwork.
+ Jet3D (*.j3d)Level file format overhaul (no longer includes textures packed inside, plus 3 related bugs have been removed )
+ Far clip Plane enabled (BSP and Actors)
+ API / Programmer reference DOCs (HTML Help) are also now available. (not in Update EXE)
+ More plus a Variety of Bugs have been fixed...


-The Jet3D Development Team

Download Jet3D v2.5.1 Update Here
NOTE: The 2.5.1 Update Requires the Jet3D v2.1.1 full install: HERE


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