igLoader selected by Miniclip.com for delivery of Windows-based browser games.

Poole, Dorset UK - Febraury 7, 2006 - Independent UK-based software developer INDIEPATH announced today the successful completion of a licensing deal with Miniclip Ltd. The deal gives Miniclip.com access to igLoader: a secure and consistent platform for browser-based game delivery. Now miniclip.com customers can play "Premium" online games using the browser of their choice. This means that game delivery is no longer reliant on ActiveX and Internet Explorer.

"igLoader is new to the market, and like all new products, gaining acceptance is the most difficult task", said Tim Fisher Indiepath's owner. "Now that igLoader has been licensed by miniclip.com - the biggest player in the online game industry - we expect the adoption rate to gather significant momentum. It is significant that our first major client is the leader in this industry."

igLoader is a cross-browser plugin that delivers and operates Windows-based software within a browser window. igLoader is unique in its implementation and simplicity, because it is not based on ActiveX technology and so is compatible with browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. igLoader is secure, so only licensed software can be installed and launched by the plugin.

Early adopters use igLoader to deliver computer video games, but the software also delivers complete applications across the Internet, and/or internal networks.

A free Development Edition is available to "Ready" and "Test" applications. To find out more, and to download the Development Edition visit www.igloader.com

About Indiepath Ltd
Indiepath Ltd is an independent software developer and publisher based in Poole, Dorset UK. The company was founded in November of 2004 with the primary goal of developing unique and original software.

About Miniclip.com
Miniclip.com is the world's largest website dedicated to playing online games with 27 million unique users per month, according to Comscore Media Metrix, Dec. 2005.



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