AgentFX v2.4 Enhances Content Path

Upgrade of Popular 3D-engine Provides New
Exiting Features and Enhances Content Path.

Luleå, Sweden, February 3, 2006: Agency9 today announced the immediate release of the new version of their 3D-engine, AgentFX(TM). AgentFX is a powerful 3D engine available on multiple platforms. It is used in entertainment, industrial and defence applications.

Version 2.4 enhances the content path, making it smooth for transition of content assets from a various digital content creation tools, such as Maya(R), 3D Studio Max(R) and Blender into AgentFX. This is done by support of the COLLADA v1.3 format. The engine also features automatic COLLADA XML scheme validation. Following is a list of import features support from the COLLADA format:

  • Mesh
  • Textures
  • Dynamic lights
  • Rigid-body animation
  • Camera animation
  • Material
  • Multitexturing
  • Baked lights (ie pre-calculated ray-traced lights)
  • Bone animation
  • Light animation

AgentFX v2.4 supports a new scripting architecture for developing vertex and fragment shaders, using the Cg language. Shaders can easily be scripted and plugged into the system. Other upgrades include:

  • Picking
  • Massively added documentation in the API Specifications
  • How-to manuals.
  • Render-to-texture
  • Added examples with source code

Pricing and Availability
AgentFX is immediately available for licensing. The product is available for Windows (XP, 2000, ME, 98), Mac OS X, Linux systems, BSD systems, SUN(TM) Solaris(TM) and Java(TM) platforms. Documentation and manuals are available in English.

About Agency9
Agency9 is provider of technology and solutions for 3D real-time visualization. For more information, visit

COLLADA is a COLLAborative Design Activity for establishing an open standard Digital Asset schema for interactive 3D applications. For more information, visit


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