Binary Worlds Releases Descensor Demo

Valladolid, Spain - October 29, 2003 - Binary Worlds released today on its
website a demo of Descensor, a new game
engine that produces huge 3D world models in real-time.

Game scenarios have traditionally been constructed using 3D editors.
Descensor automates this manual process calculating the 3D objects while
the game is being played. The landscapes can be as large as needed because only the visible parts are really computed.

"The engine can generate thousands of different random worlds, but the
parameters' constraints and the creation rules ensure that they are realistic", said Miguel Angel Gomez, architect and Descensor programmer.

Simulators, shooters, role-play and other kinds of games can benefit from
Descensor. The engine is especially suited for online games because it
allows to re-create the same world on each player's machine with minimal
bandwidth usage.

"The released demo runs on Windows and uses DirectX graphics library, but
Descensor is very portable and we are targeting all popular gaming
platforms", said Pablo Puente, Binary Worlds founder.

The engine creates detailed urban landscapes instantly, with almost no
human intervention. Nevertheless, game artists should not panic because
Descensor only takes care of the static objects. Characters, vehicles,
weapons, etc. still have to be produced in the traditional way, so their
jobs are not at risk.

About Binary Worlds

Binary Worlds S.L. is a Spanish software company that develops game
middleware products. The experienced development team includes architects,
mathematicians, computer scientists and telecom engineers. Learn more about Binary Worlds at


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