New Release of Crystal Space and CEL!

Crystal Space is an Open Source and portable 3D engine with tons of features (

There is a new pseudo stable release of Crystal Space and CEL. We are pretty confident that this release works well on various systems and platforms and we recommend that you use this version. You can get it from the download page (

Visit the Project Forums ( or reply to this email in case of problems. Always state the version of CS that you're using there and also details on your system (compiler, OS, 3D card, ...)

A lot has changed in this pseudo stable release compared to the previous pseudo stable. Here is a list of a few of the highlights:

* The VBO (vertex buffer object) extension is now enabled by default (except on a few 3D card/driver combinations where we know that it doesn't work properly). This means that on most systems you will see a good speedup of CS, especially with objects having a large number of triangles. If you have problems with this then you can edit data/config/r3dopengl.cfg and disable it again. Please let us know. Also visit the HelpTestVBO page for more information on how to test and disable this feature.
* There is a new foliage generator (see the news item a bit lower here). This is a relatively new feature so performance isn't yet optimal but it should already be usable.
* The old crossbuilder/model loader system has been removed. Instead CS can now load MD2 and 3DS files natively through the normal loading system. Details on how to change to the new system are explained in the release notes appendix in the manual.
* The ball mesh has been removed. Instead you should use genmesh now. Details on this also in the appendix.
* A lot of memory leaks have been fixed. Especially in the area of regions. Loading and then unloading a world file in a region is now clean.
* The particles mesh has been considerably improved in performance. It is important to note that in future versions of Crystal Space we will remove several ad-hoc particle systems plugins
like fountain, fire, explo, spiral, ... in favor of particles. So it would be good if people already prepare for this future removal.
* There is a new more generic event system. This means that you'll have to change your applications. Details on this are also in the release notes appendix.
* The render priority system has been changed. It is now no longer possible to change the render priority table in a world file. Instead it must be done from code. Details in the release notes appendix.
* A new scene node system has been implemented, bringing Crystal Space closer to being a real scene graph. Lights and meshes can now be put in a hierarchy. Camera's will follow later.
* The software renderer has been completely rewritten. This has two good consequences and one bad. The bad news is that it is now a LOT slower then before. The good news is that it supports more features and is in general more correct. Also it is easier for us to maintain. That was the major reason why we changed it. The alternative would have been to drop the software renderer alltogether. Lightmapping is removed in the software renderer as well. Instead
gouraud shading is used.
* Compared to the last pseudo-stable the python plugin is now actually working here.
* There is a new Bullet physics plugin (alternative to ODE).
* There is a totally new sound system. The old sound system will soon be removed. The new sound system is more stable but at the moment doesn't have any hardware accelerated versions (i.e. no OpenAL or related).
* The lightmap format has changed! This means that you will have to relight all your levels.
* A new CEGUI based window system has been added.
* Support for MSVC6 has been removed! MSVC8 is now freely downloadable so you should convert to that.
* Lots of changes and fixes to shaders and related.
* General performance fixes.
* Lots of bug fixes including fixes for 64-bit computers.
* General documentation enhancements.
* And a lot more...

In general you should look at appendix C.1 in the manual when you want to convert from the previous pseudo stable (or from 0.98 for that matter) to this version. All changes which may impact your application are listed there and also what you should do about them.


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.