Chattering Pixels announces new concept in component middleware solutions

MIDDLESBROUGH, UK. – January 16, 2006 – Chattering pixels announced today the launch of the first modules in its new line of component middleware solutions. Aimed at providing developers of all sizes with powerful solutions that suit the needs of both current and next generation game development, Chattering Pixels middleware can help to reduce development costs and time to market.

Built on solid development ideals of clean, simple APIs and easy integration, Chattering Pixels component middleware provides developers with cutting edge multi-processor ready solutions that can either complement their existing technology or form the backbone of any new development.

"We're extremely excited to be able to announce our new line of middleware.” said Chattering Pixels Commercial Director Neil Holmes today. “While other middleware providers insist that developers should be buying expensive one-size-fits-all solutions, we feel strongly that by offering our middleware as individual components we empower developers to pick and choose the exact functionality they require. Why should you have to pay for functionality you’re never going to use?"

Neil went on to say "By offering our middleware components under a wide choice of licenses we can allow commercial developers to buy the components they require per product and per platform to drive down their costs. At the same time we offer a reduced commercial license for developers of shareware applications and a non-commercial license that gives hobbyist developers unprecedented access to the benefits of using middleware. Never before has this level of functionality been so readily available to developers across the board."

With two modules already in use by customers around the world and available for direct download via Chattering Pixels new web portal the company’s component middleware solutions are sure to be of huge interest to developers of all sizes.


About Chattering Pixels

Chattering Pixels is a global producer and retailer of component middleware solutions. Founded in the spring of 2005 by industry veteran programmers Martin Fuller, Neil Holmes, Cliff Davies and Stuart Leonardi the company aims to provide developers with powerful solutions to every-day development requirements.

About Chattering Pixels Products

Chattering Pixels prides itself on creating fast, flexible, cutting edge component middleware solutions that meet the needs of current and next generation software development.

The company’s modules are designed around six main principals:

1. Clean and sensible APIs
2. Minimal CPU usage
3. Low memory footprint
4. Exhaustive and informative error trapping
5. Extensive documentation
6. Minimal dependencies on standard libraries or other Chattering Pixels products

All modules are supplied with optional thread safe interfaces where shared resources are involved.

For more detailed information on our products and details about how to place an order or use our support system please visit our website at


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