Unity 1.2 Release Adds Ten New Features

December 22, 2005 - Finally Unity 1.2 has been released. Brimful with features, more stable and more extensible, we're proud to announce a Unity that delivers better cross-platform game development than ever.

A beautiful overview of the 10 big new features (including previously unannounced features such as full-screen motion-blur and blob shadows) can be seen at http://unity3d.com/whatsnew.html.

As always, we offer a free two week trial, and the 1.2 upgrade is free to existing customers (as are all 1.x upgrades). Try or buy at http://unity3d.com.

Those who have already used up their trial can use the serial number UNITY-XMAS-2005 to try out Unity Pro over the holidays.

After requests from the corporate world we are also announcing paid support based on the popular tech-incident model. Read more here: http://unity3d.com/support.html.

Unity is a 3D game editor with powerful cross-platform capabilities. A full-fledged GUI app with drag'n'drop and WYSIWYP (What You See Is What You Play), where you use JavaScript and C# for scripting. Fresh ideas can be mock-upped and tested in a few hours, then developed into commercial grade games using powerful collaboration technology.

Unity is being used by game development studios, game design education, visualization and advertising agencies, visual artists, academics and musicians.


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