Pulsar Coders Releases Sky Pack Edition 1

Pulsar Coders, is an independent videogame-developing company that also creates media content to be used in, among others: videogames, cut-scenes, films and audiovisual presentations.

Today the company has announced the release of the first texture pack which contains 16 sets of high-quality skybox textures that can be used royalty-free in either free or commercial projects. The pack includes 96 textures in BMP format (512x512) and is available for only USD 11.95.

For limited time only you can also get the bundle pack ('Music Pack Volume 1' plus 'Sky Pack Edition 1') for only 14.95 (25% off of the regular price if you buy them separately).

Please visit http://www.pulsarcoders.net to see the thumbnails of each set of textures and see details.


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