Torque Game Engine v1.4.0 Released

GarageGames is proud to bring you the latest version of the Torque Game Engine. TGE 1.4 combines all the features of previous versions and adds over 200 new enhancements. Not only has Unicode, Theora codecs, improved editors and the engine been optimized, but now TGE 1.4 comes with Torque ShowTool Pro (trial version) and several starter kits. TGE 1.4 is a free upgrade for current owners of the Torque Game Engine.

GarageGames has also provided a perfect introductory experience for any game developer. We've bundled a tutorial that teaches everyone how to make their first 3D game step-by-step. During the tutorial, developers will be introduced to all aspects of the engine. Once developers finish the tutorial they have an opportunity to dive into two different free starter game kits, a FPS starter kit and a racing starter kit. A starter kit provides foundational technology and modifications to the Torque Game Engine to make it easier for developers to quickly produce their own racing or FPS games.


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