Download Visual Studio 2005 Express for free!

Microsoft has announced that all of their express products will be free for download for a full year. Products include:

Visual Basic 2005 Express
Visual C# 2005 Express
Visual Web Developer 2005 Express
Visual C++ 2005 Express
Visual J# 2005 Express
SQL Server 2005 Express

The address is

The following is a from their faq:

"We are announcing a pricing promotion for Visual Studio Express – for the first year after the products launch on November 7th, 2005, customers will be able to visit MSDN to download their copy of Visual Studio Express for free!**

Our customers are very excited about the release of these products, so this limited-time download is our gift to the hobbyist, student, and novice community – we’re excited to see the amazing applications they’ll build!

Note that SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is also a free download. The free pricing for SQL Server Express is not limited to the same one-year promotional period as Visual Studio Express."


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