Barbed Wire FX joins the “Crowd!”

Vital Idea Inc announced today that Barbed Wire FX has joined its strategic partners program. Barbed Wire will provide Vital Idea with digital assets and creative direction for its "Crowd!" animation system. This will further Vital Idea's unique initiative to have real world artists define the usability of their software, instead of marketing managers, as seen currently in the marketplace. Talented digital artists are encouraged to contact Vital Idea with their vision of a better software interface as part of the Technoesthetics™ initiative by sending an email to "".

SANTA MONICA, Calif.—Oct. 9, 2003—Vital Idea Inc, a provider of technical products and services for broadcast, film, simulation, and game development, announced today that Barbed Wire FX, a high-end digital effects firm, has joined its strategic partners program. Barbed Wire will provide Vital Idea with digital assets and creative direction for its product interface design.

According to the Chief Executive of Barbed Wire FX, Avi Das, “This synergistic relationship of tools and artists gives Barbed Wire and Vital Idea a creative edge, as well as, a technical edge.” Mr. Das added, “We are excited to be a part of this relationship.” Digital assets developed by BWFX will include artist friendly icons and user interface research.

“Barbed Wire’s digital artistry is at a level far beyond what we have seen anywhere else,” said Paal Anand of Vital Idea. “Their contribution will be enormous to ‘Crowd!’ and relationships such as this will rekindle the quest for next generation solutions for 3D,” added Mr. Anand.

Vital Idea has coined the phrase Techno-esthetics™ to describe their mission of converging creative with technology. They hold the belief that, in order to develop next generation technology, there must be an inseparable link to next generation creative users.

The type of projects Barbed Wire works on leverage the capabilities of "Crowd!" crowd animation software.

About Barbed Wire FX

Barbed Wire is a young company that has made great waves in the computer animation and effects industry. They provide cutting edge animation and photo-real imagery to the commercial and film markets. Their projects include: Chevy "Half-Pipe", Cricket "Phones", Crunch Toons "Lunch Room", Zima "Six", Oliver Stone's "Commandante" and more.

About Vital Idea

Based in Santa Monica, California, Vital Idea is a software development and professional services firm for the feature film, broadcast, simulation, and electronic gaming markets. Since 2001, Vital Idea has provided technical animation services to such clients as Barbed Wire FX, Click 3x, Method Studios, yU+Co, and many others.

Crowd! 1.0 is a behavioral animation system for developing computer generated crowd simulations. Initially it will support the Microsoft Windows .NET platform. A Linux and Mac OSX version of the Crowd!Serve distributed server is planned for release early next year.

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