GroundWiz Released, a Procedural Terrain Map for 3ds Max

GroundWiz is all about terrain. It is a procedural 3d terrain map that can be used as a diffuse map, a bump map or for that matter, any other map type. It uses fractal algorithms to generate terrain textures and mimic real-life terrain. When you are creating terrain maps, transitions between different materials are hard to control with tools that pre-existing applications offer. Typical blending methods of mixing two or more materials don't give realistic results. That is where GroundWiz comes into action. Numerous controls give users the ability to control the look of terrain materials while seamlessly integrating into 3ds max workflow.

Key Features:
- Procedural map that uses layers combined with fractal algorithms to create natural looking terrain maps.
- Infinite detail possible due to a procedural nature of maps. It can produce realistic vistas but also show great detail on close-ups.
- Possible to use images and other 3ds max maps to add color and bumpiness to each layer.
- Since it is a 3d map, it is possible to map any shape (caves, hanging rocks, steep canyon walls...) and any type of object(meshes, patches,nurbs...).
- Importer for Terragen world files, surface files and terrain files (it creates optimized editable mesh).
- Importer for raw binary data (with fully adjustable data types) and importer for 3DEM terrain matrix files (it creates optimized editable mesh).
- Highly customizable with over 100 parameters exposed: parameters are fully scriptable and animatable.

There are 2 versions of GroundWiz. Lite version is free for personal use.
3ds max versions 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x are supported.

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