Advanced Windows Developer Position With OTEE

Who we are:
We are the developers of the game development suite called Unity. Unity is a power-tool combining the power of high-end game engines with the flexibility of Flash and shifting the face of game development to a more free-form and creative effort.

Our goal is to make Unity the standard platform for independent and casual game developers. We want Unity to be the Final Cut Pro for games.

Unity is on the market right now. Our users are excited by extremely advanced technology combined with an intuitive editor. A flexible shader system, a unique automatic asset pipeline, Ageia physX (previously known as Novodex), and publishing to multiple platforms with one click.

Who we're looking for:
A very good software developer to join the team and lead the Windows port of the Unity runtime, and to embed Unity into an Internet Explorer plug-in. Later you'll work on cutting-edge game technology that interest you. It could be visibility/occlusion culling, improving on existing lighting models, porting the runtime to consoles, porting the editor to Windows....

- Have extensive knowledge of the windows platform
- Have proficiency in software development in C++
- Experience using COM or Netscape Plugin API is a definite plus
- Experience with OpenGL or DirectX is a definite plus
- Experience in programming Networking or AI libraries is a definate plus 
- Are passionate about video games technology

If you're interested:
Send your CV to and tell us why you're the right person. Apply as soon as possible, since we want to hire asap.

We started as a game-making outfit, but found that we had much more to offer in technology. That didn't keep us from making GooBall and now collaborating on doing an educational game with a team that also has offices here at the IT-University of Copenhagen. We're still just a small team.

David Helgason,
Co-founder and CEO


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