Catapult v1.42 Released

Nocturnal Entertainment Australia is proud to announce the release of Catapult v1.42, the latest release of their development system for the Game Boy Advance.

Catapult uses a custom language that is designed around the GBA hardware, and includes an editor, emulator, debugger and an integrated toolset. Catapult currently supports all Windows platforms.

Catapult comes with a comprehensive users guide (450+ pages), and 20+ tutorials for beginners.

Catapult v1.42 includes the following new features:
- GBA multiplayer support
- Office (project management) extensions
- Extended CSL (Catapult Standard Library) - now includes a particle manager and music tracking system
- Improved script editor
- Additional export compression formats supported
- Improved image editor
- 10 new commands

..with more than 800 improvements over the v1.41 release!

An evaluation version of Catapult can be downloaded free from Nocturnal's website, and includes playable demos with complete source code and GBA ROMs.

In addition to the English release Spanish, French and Italian builds will also be released in the coming weeks.

Nocturnal Entertainment Australia


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