New Book Released: Game Development with Lua

Hingham, MA, July 2005: Charles River Media announces Game Development with Lua. Lua has gained a lot of momentum in the game development world due to its power and easy control of complex GUIs and artificial intelligence. For developers just starting to use Lua, or those considering using it, Game Development with Lua will teach everything they need to know to make commercial game with Lua. And those who are new to scripting languages altogether, this book will also teach how it can be used in game development effectively.

Written by practicing Lua game developers, the book teaches how to use Lua for commercial game development. It begins with a brief history of Lua and explains how to incorporate Lua into a C++ project. It details the key features and advantages of Lua and then takes the reader through the development of a “rapid prototype” game called Take Away. This game provides the context with which to explore the foundational C++ approaches and the Lua scripting approaches to saving and loading game data, building a modular and flexible GUI system, managing a game’s real-time events through Lua scripts, and using Lua to define and control game AI. There are also several smaller games along with a full technology base, so even non-programmers can look under the hood to see what makes a game tick. For game developers and programmers looking for an efficient, affordable, and easy-to-learn language for their games, Lua is the right choice and this book will teach them how to use it effectively.

Key Features

  • Teaches the ins-and-outs of game development with Lua
  • Provides the first book dedicated to teaching game programming with Lua
  • Includes a CD-ROM with all the source code from the book and tools needed to create a Lua games
  • Explains how to link the Lua API into your C++ application so you can create your own LuaGlue functions that allow Lua to extend your C++ functionality
  • Enables new developers to rapidly prototype ideas and interfaces without deep programming knowledge

About the Authors

Paul Schuytema (Monmouth, IL) has been a professional game developer for over ten years and in has spoken at the past ten GDC conferences. He has produced and designed over twenty games and written more than 200 professional articles and authored or co-authored over a dozen books. He teaches college-level creative writing and journalism, and he received the Governor’s 2002 Entrepreneurial Success Award in Illinois. He was also the primary scriptor for Magic Lantern. Mark Manyen (Monmouth, IL) was most recently the technical director for Magic Lantern where he directed the technology on more than 25 games. He incorporated Lua into Magic Lantern’s J5 technology suite and created all “Lua Glue” hooks into the J5 codebase.

Book Information

ISBN: 1-58450-404-8
MSRP: U.S. $49.95 Canada $64.95
PUB DATE: July 2005

PHONE: 1-800-347-7707
FAX: 1-859-647-5963

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