New Book: The Physics Behind Graphics and Game Animation

Hingham, MA - Charles River Media announces Physics-Based Animation. The booming computer games and animated movie industries continue to drive the graphics community’s seemingly insatiable search for increased realism, believability, and speed. To achieve the quality expected by audiences of today’s games and movies, programmers need to understand and implement physics-based animation. To provide this understanding, Physics-Based Animation is written to teach students and practitioners the theory behind the mathematical models and techniques required for physics-based animation. It does not teach the basic principles of animation, but rather how to transform theoretical techniques into practical skills. It details how the mathematical models are derived from physical and mathematical principles, and explains how these mathematical models are solved in an efficient, robust, and stable manner with a computer.

This is an impressive and comprehensive volume, covering the issues involved in physically-based animation, including collision detection, geometry, mechanics, differential equations, matrices, quaternions and other issues. There is excellent coverage of collision detection algorithms and a detailed overview of a physics system. In addition, numerous examples are provided along with detailed pseudo code for most of the algorithms.

This book is ideal for students of animation, researchers in the field, and professionals working in the games and movie industries.

Key Features

  • Great coverage of collision detection algorithms
  • Numerous examples with detailed pseudo code for most algorithms
  • Good overview of parts of a physics system
  • Companion Web site includes additional content, pseudo code from the book, and exercises for appropriate chapters

About the authors

Kenny Erleben (Denmark) received his Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science, where he is currently working as an assistant professor. Jon Sporring (Denmark) received his Master and Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, where he is currently an associate professor. Knud Henriksen (Denmark) holds a Ph.D. in computer science and is an associate professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Copenhagen. Henrik Dohlman (Denmark) is a Ph.D. student at the University of Copenhagen and employed in an industrial collaboration between the Department of Computer Science and the School of Dentistry.

Book Information

ISBN: 1-58450-380-7
MSRP: U.S. $69.95 Canada $90.95
PUB DATE: August 2005

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