Crystal Space New Pseudo-Stable Release

A new pre-release of Crystal Space 3D Engine is now availble. Crystal Space is a portable Open Source 3D engine with lots of features. It fully supports OpenGL and uses various OpenGL features like stencil shadows, vertex and fragment shaders (shaders through ARB extensions and CG), and others.

The latest stable release (0.98r004) is getting old. More and more I have to tell people to use the latest CVS because bugs have been fixed there and CVS is simply a lot better. On the other hand many people are afraid of the instability and indeed from time to time the CVS version doesn't compile or work properly. So normally it would be time for another release. The next stable release is supposed to be 1.0 but we are not ready for 1.0 yet. A lot more work has to be done still. So we decided to have more regular intermediate pseudo-stable releases. These pseudo-stable versions are not as well tested as the real stable release but we are pretty confident that they are okay and most things are working properly.

To download the latest pseudo-stable release of Crystal Space and CEL you can go to this page: Crystal Space Download Page.


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