Windows Graphics Foundation to be DirectX 10

According to a story by the Inquirer, Microsoft at the Games Developers Conference in Europe has informed developers that DirectX 10 Microsoft is dropping the Windows Graphic Foundation (WGF) title and instead using "DirectX 10" as the name for its next generation graphics API. It has been also mentioned that "the DirectX 10 API will have completely new and faster dynamic link libraries (DLLs) and is supposed to run much faster." For this to happen, backward compatibility with older versions (DX9 and lower) will be supported by a software layer, which could slightly affect performance. In addition, DirectX 10 will have support for Shader Model 4.0. For the long-run, this is a promising move, as a newly designed and optimized API that caters to the graphics advancements of todays and future GPUs has been something lots of game developers have been looking forward to.


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