Advanced Animation Plugin for Dark Basic Pro and Video Tutorials Released

Advanced Animation Plugin for Dark Basic Pro has been released. DBP Advanced Animation plugin (AA) supports all of the modern boned animation tecnics. For example:

- Loading animation sequences separately from model.
- AA can perform animation blending. This means that you can execute multiple animations at the same time and AA will blend them together smoothly.
- With AA you can make smooth transition from one animation to another.
- With a little work, you can fully manipulate the individual parts of your characters. This is useful when you want to create truly dynamic motion at runtime without the aid of predefined animations. For instance, if you wanted your character's head to turn as a car goes past him, you could control the head's rotation directly to keep facing the moving car.

In addition, Seven new tutorials have been released (sword, stronghold tower, monster, plasma gun, car wheel, jet aircraft, magic staff) for users who are interested in creating professional 3D content for games and realtime aplications.


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