EaseExport 2.0 Released

EaseExport and EaseImport have been released in version 2.0. EaseExport is a professional and free plugin for 3DStudio MAX, and EaseImport is a C++ library which allows loading exported PCB files. For more info see: www.ease-production.com

New features are:

* Shapes are now supported by EaseExport. All kind of shapes can be exported (text, circles, lines, etc)

* PCB file are automatically compressed (file sizes have been strongly reduced)

* A new flag allows you telling if you want textures to include bitmaps or not

* A new GUI has been added to control the export : progress bar, data types, names controls

* New GUIs have been added for Shells (dummies), for animations (AnimPRS, AnimCAM and AnimLGH), and for shapes

* PRS Animations can be sampled or keyframed. The user can choose between these two types. Global sampling rate can be specified by the user

* A new GUI allows viewing the scene-graph, it's easier to choose want you want to export in the graph

* All kind of graph nodes can be bones (shapes, meshes, shells, or cameras)

* Mirrored nodes and bones are fully supported


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.