ionForge Evolution 2.5 Now Available

Irvine, CA - July 15, 2005 – ionForge ( ) today announced the immediate availability of Evolution 2.5, a powerful, affordable, and easy to use next-generation source control system. Evolution 2.5 features important enhancements including atomic changesets, improved user interface for multi-file operations, and integration with Alias Maya, which enables software development teams to manage change in their projects even more quickly and easily.

“Fast, secure, and precise source control that ensures data integrity is critical for software developers, particularly with the distributed project teams that are increasingly common these days,” said Nick Ni, Director of Technology of ionForge. “Evolution has been designed to be clean, elegant, and secure by developers who have experienced first-hand the headaches of trying to use the other common software configuration management tools in demanding, present-day development environments.” The new version 2.5 makes it painless for software creators to use the robust source control they want and need.

“With the release of Evolution 2.5, we are bringing even more enterprise-level power to software development teams of all sizes, at an affordable price,” concluded Ni. Software configuration management packages typically sold to enterprises and large businesses can run upwards of $2000 for a single user license, and then there are additional costs for maintenance and support. Evolution’s retail price of $550 per license, lower with quantity discounts, is a bargain by comparison. For development teams who are interested in an alternative to their existing source control system, ionForge offers a Competitive Upgrade for less than many companies charge for annual maintenance and support. Maintenance and support are included with all Evolution purchases.

About ionForge

Based in Orange County, California, ionForge Company is a leading provider of advanced source control and software configuration management software. They have been an innovator in the market since 2001. For more information, visit


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