Unigine v0.32 Released

Unigine v0.32 has been released. Unigine is a cross-platform engine of virtual worlds, standing on the bleeding edge of technology.
Main changes are fast bytecode compiler for scripting, resources encryption, 3D GUI effects, LWO (LightWave 3D objects) support and set of new tools (including MeshViewer, NormalMapper, data archiver and Doom3/Quake3 map converters).
Evalution version is available now in addition to the set of Unigine licenses.

Key features

  • Rendering engine
    • Pixel Shader 3.0 technology support
    • Dynamic shadowing (including soft stencil shadows)
    • Postprocessing effects: motion blur, refraction
    • Particle systems
    • Different types of mirrors
    • Seamlessly interconnected indoor and outdoor scenes
    • HDR (64-bit color High Dynamic Range rendering)
    • Per-pixel normal mapped lighting
    • Volumetric environmental effects
    • A lot of additional shaders, like sun energy skattering, lightmaps and Fresnel refraction
    • Optimized codepathes for different card generations (nv30, nv40, glsl, arbtec)
  • Physics engine
    • Rigid body physics system
    • Complex mechanisms
    • Dismemberable objects
    • Physics-driven sound
    • Ragdoll character animation
    • Ray car physics
    • Fluid buoyancy
    • Skeletal animation system
  • Virtual 3D GUI with various widgets
  • Bytecode script compiler with C/C++ like syntax
  • Set of content creation tools and plugins
  • Supported platforms are MS Windows and Linux

Full features list is also available.
You can download Unigine v0.32 demo to become acquainted with its capabilities by yourself.

Distributive set

Full Unigine distributive set contains:

  • Unigine library itself
  • MeshViewer
  • Unigine data archiver
  • Maya mesh export/import plugin
  • 3DStudio multimaterial export plugin
  • Doom3 map converter into mesh
  • Full documentation pack
  • NormalMapper
  • 3DStudio mesh export/import plugin
  • 3DStudio skinned mesh export plugin
  • Quake3 map converter into mesh

Unigine was created taking into consideration that there are a lot of programmers who are familiar with C/C++ and artists who work in 3DStudio or Maya.
So Unigine scripts have C/C++ like syntax and there is a set of plugins for 3DStudio and Maya to provide opportunity of work in accustomed enviroment to our customers.
We hope this will increase development speed of your Unigine-based application.

What's new since v0.3

  • Script interpreter was fully rewritten, now Unigine has fast bytecode script compiler
  • v0.3 bugfix, including silhouette distorion at refraction
  • 3D GUI effects
  • New tools were introduced - MeshViewer, NormalMapper and data archiver
  • New licensing option - low-cost evalution version available
  • Resources encryption
  • Water flow
  • LWO (LightWave 3D objects) support
  • Doom3 and Quake3 map converters into mesh


There are 5 types of licenses for Unigine, all of them are royality-free:

  • Evalution license
  • Per-developer license
  • Site unlimited license
  • Per-developer license (deferred payment)
  • Site unlimited license (deferred payment)

For more information about licenses and prices see our products page.

About Unigine Corp.

Unigine Corp. is an international distributed team grown from frustum.org project.
Aim of Unigine Corp. is to provide a high-end graphics and physics engine, which will be widely available.

For more information about Unigine visit unigine.com or e-mail info@unigine.com.


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