Launches Game Development Wiki is proud to announce the release of the new Game Development Wiki. With this new Wiki we hope to gather as much game development knowledge into one easily searchable and maintainable area and with it produce the ultimate game development encyclopedia. However, because the wiki is a collaborative effort by the community itself, it cannot grow without user-contribution. Therefore, we encourage every user to participate by contributing something to this resource, whether it is an article, tutorial, code snippet, or anything useful.

The wiki was created out of the observation that although the forum is a wonderful place to discuss technical issues, it is unfortunately not a good place to capture the essence of those discussions for future reference. The result, as in most other communities, are constantly recurring questions and discussion topics, reproducing the same content over and over again. In contrast the Wiki idea lends itself very well to preserving the knowledge that gets accumulated in the forums, in an easy to navigate and reference way.

Visit the Wiki at and feel free to add and extract as much as you can from it.


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.