RealmForge GDK v0.6.2 Released

RealmForge GDK v0.6.2 has been released and includes many new enhancements especially with regards to physics, importers, and the run-time development tools (the In-Game Editor) as well as the API documentation, media library, and numerous tech demos and tutorials. RealmForge is the open-source and cross-platform game development platform for .NET and it is written entirely in C#. Though designed for use with numerous rendering engines, currently Axiom - the C# port of impressive OGRE engine - is supported. Development has been progressing rapidly and the development team and user community is constantly growing.

For more information on the RealmForge GDK and Axiom rendering engine checkout the wiki, forums, online API documentation, and the google group mailing list for them.

The RealmForge GDK is the cross-platform game development platform for .NET. It is written entirely in C# to ensure portability and allow the productivity, flexibility, and dynamic nature of the .NET Framework to be leveraged in all aspects of game development. This middleware is architected with both power and ease of use in mind and is released under the LPGL so that it is the free and ideal solution for both commercial and hobbyist projects. This game development kit is characterized by its productivity, ease of use, and highly flexible and intuitive component-oriented architecture. This game engine and development environment consists of a framework, rendering engine, run-time development toolset (In-Game Editor), script and media libraries, and a growing showcase of demo games and tutorials which assist in rapid prototyping.

In this release, setup has been much simplified, SharpDevelop project file generation is fixed, and the README.txt file now includes a lot of useful information. Also this release is built against the June release of DirectX 9 which includes Managed DirectX. The only requirements are DirectX 9 support and the .NET Framework 1.1. The first cut of support for the COLLADA digital asset exchange format as well as a tech demo making use of this has also been included in this release.

This release includes numerous fixes and additional features. Most notably the download size has been reduced, documentation updated, physical terrain physics, scene graph persistence and COLLADA digital asset exchange format support has been added (both at an alpha stage), the In-Game Editor has been rewritten with a plugin-based approach for easy extension and now has working visual scripting dialog, property inspector, and template and scene graph design facilities, SharpDevelop project file generation has been fixed to allow use with it, IModifier's can now be applied to ISceneNode's as well as IEntity's, the Skeleton Animation tech demo has been fixed. Also the first cut of the Might and Magic game has been added to serve as a demo game.

For more information see the README.txt file in the download or the release notes for this file release. It includes valuable setup instructions. Also this release is compiled against the June release of DirectX 9, so this should be downloaded and installed if it isn't already. This will simplify setup as well as Managed DirectX no longer has to be installed in addition to it. The wiki ( will provide additional information as well and forums ( if after reading README.txt and following its instructions you still have issues. Please post the Log.txt file in the bin directory to assist in troubleshooting the applications should any of them crash.

Several bugs have been fixed including those relating to the STAThreadAttribute, Output Window Selection Crash, and the Skeleton Animation tech demo.


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