MNCadBuilder - CAD/Graphics Components Collection

mNCadBuilder - powerful components to rapidly build individual and powerful CAD/graphics applications.

The mNCadBuilder provides the core graphics functionality to develope 3D applications, including CAD/CAM/CAE, engineering and visualization. The CadBuilder is a modern, robust application framework, developed on Borland's Delphi and SGI's OpenGL, that is continually updated to keep pace with the ever-changing software market. The result is a flexible cad/graphics component collection with impressive graphics functionality that provides the base you need for fast development and timely market release of your application.
Using an extendable, modular, and open architecture, the CadBuilder offers full Application Programming Interface (API) access to a powerful underlying suite of integrated components for maximum customization. The CadBuilder package for Delphi/Win32 and the Microsoft .NET Framework also includes Small Reference Applications and Tutorials with readable source code to help speed development and understanding.


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