One month to go to zfxCON03

zfxCON03 is a 2-day event for German amateur developers and game development professionals
which will be held in Hankensbüttel (Near Braunschweig/Wolfsburg) on October 11 - October 12
2003. The event schedule and final speaker list have now been announced and can be accessed
from the zfxCON03 website.
Registration to zfxCON03 is still possible.

Wolfgang Engel (author of a number of game-programming related books), Thomas Rolfes (credits
include Redline Racer Dreamcast, Lotus Challenge PS2/Xbox) and Thomas Dlugaiczyk (founder of
the Games Academy) are just some of the speakers whose talks are eagerly anticipated.

zfxCON03 is organised by ZFX 3D Entertainment


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