zfxCON05 Conference: Seeking Peer Reviewers

We are actively looking for peer-reviewers from all computer game development related areas who are willing and interested in being part of the zfxCON Programme Committee for this and the coming years. While we already have a core group of colleagues for these conferences we would like to expand the number. zfxCON05 is a 2-day conference for game programmers, designers and artists from industry as well as from academia. This year's zfxCON05 conference will address all aspects of computer game development with special emphasis on: support for the next generation of game developers, higher (and further) education involving game development, as well as research and development in computer games. Information on zfxCON05 can be found at http://www.zfxcon.info

Your duties as Programme Committee member would be to review two or three submissions for the events. Ideally, peer-reviewers should be experienced researchers or industry rofessionals. If you feel you have the time and if you are interested, please contact us at Eike.Anderson(at)zfx.info and indicate which subject you would be interested in reviewing and if you would prefer to review English or German language submissions.

If you consider joining with a submission, please check out the call for papers http://www.zfxcon.info/zfxCON05/Downloads/..._for_Papers.pdf

Kind Regards
Stefan Zerbst,
Steffen Engel,
Eike Anderson
(Conference Organisation)


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.