Highlights on Virtools Dev 3.5

Virtools™, the leading provider of interactive 3D authoring tools, is pleased to invite you to take part to its web presentation dedicated to the official launching of the forthcoming release of its development environment, Virtools Dev 3.5.

Web seminar: highlights on Virtools Dev 3.5

Friday, the 17th June 2005
5 sessions scheduled throughout the day
Technical information about your connection will be provided after registration (Register here: http://www.virtools.com/us/webseminaire3.5.asp)

This major release integrates a lot of new features that will significantly improve your way of developing highly interactive 3D applications, and help you to keep delays, costs and quality under control.

Dev 3.5 boasts some interesting new features that you may have read about recently, including a new Video Setup, enhanced OpenGL 1.5 rendering engine, Point Clouds support, 5.1 sound support, VRML support, a Flag and Enum Manager and much more.


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