Tim Aste Content Pack #2

With the release of the new Tim Aste Content Pack 2, game developers everywhere are doing a double-take and asking the question, "Is that Torque?". What started as a task of creating art assets for the popular Tim Aste WarZone Demo that was featured at GDC 2005, Tim Aste has now redefined the quality of art and the look of the Torque Game Engine.

The art assets within these content packs allow game developers to experiment with a set of "widgets" that are beyond what is included in the Torque Demo Application. A person can now quickly prototype their ideas, solving the "chicken and egg" problem when needing to attract team members, it gives developers access to commonly used items for a reasonable cost which also frees up artists time to make game specific content, these shapes have also been expertly tuned to work with the Torque Game Engine.

What's in the Combo Pack?

• 42 Buildings w/ Full LOD
• 91 Interior Textures
• 44 Static & Animated Mixed Shapes
• 47 Shape Textures
• 34 Particle Effects
• 6 Unique Environments w/ Audio (comprising of 12 precipitation effects)
• 3 Helper Objects
• 19 Detail Textures
• 7 Skyboxes
• 36 Terrain Textures
• Full HTML Documentation w/ images
• Example Demo Included for Drag & Drop, less setup
• Full Source: Hi-resolution textures (1024x), .OBJ/.Max/.3DS for mesh objects, .MAP for Interiors
Click Here for the Full Item Breakdown List!

The Tim Aste Content Pack 2 is available at GarageGames.com in several forms:
Tim Aste's Building Pack 2 - A massive collection of AAA-quality buildings and structures.
Tim Aste's Environmental Pack 2 - A collection of environmental effects that will help your project quickly gain realism, game play complexity, and credibility.
Tim Aste's Content Pack Combo 2 - The Building and Environmental Pack Volume 2 bundled together for a savings.

But don't take our word for it, judge for yourself by watching the Tim Aste Content Pack 2 Videos (QuickTime/Windows Media), or grab a copy of the Tim Aste WarZone Demo (Win/Mac)

For more information please visit GarageGames.com

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