Agency9 launches physics demos and show case room

Agency9 announces the launch of a show case room aimed to set focus on non-commercial developers using AgentFX 3D-engine. Along with the release of the show case room two new demos containing real time ragdoll skeleton phsyics are show cased, which utilize the ODEjava physics engine. AgentFX is a Java/OpenGL API-based 3D-engine used in games and for research within the VR field.

"Ragdolls Reloaded" and "It's raining men" are the first demos resulting from our newly launched research project in developing sustainable solutions for added physics functionality to AgentFX. The project is conducted as a joint project between Luleå University of Technology and Agency9, said Khashayar Farmanbar, CEO at Agency9.

The physic engine is a layer created to work with AgentFX and is a set Object Oriented tools. The engine sits on top of a rigid body API plug-in. The test plug-in has been developed in ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) but is not limited to that. We are looking at other alternatives as well, said Tomas Karlsson, CTO at Agency9.

Demos are available at:


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