ionForge Announces Image Difference Tool - Breakthrough In Source Control and Asset Management

Irvine, CA - May 15, 2005 - ionForge Company, a leading provider of next-generation software configuration management tools, announced a major advancement in Evolution, their source control and asset management solution. Evolution’s new Image Difference tool allows developers to detect even small changes in an image when they compare two versions. By allowing development teams, including graphic artists, developers, and project managers, to track changes in images through the life of a project, Evolution's Image Difference tool will help ensure that projects are completed accurately as well as on time and on budget.

Evolution supports image comparison for all common image file formats, including BitMaP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, PNM, and TIF files. Evolution can compare images across different file formats.

Outdated image comparison tools provide little more than side by side images, which require digital artists to spend time picking out changes, or a rudimentary overlay which shows coarse variations. The ionForge team has applied the same revolutionary thinking they brought to the digital asset management field to image management. Evolution's Image Difference tool gives users unprecedented power and flexibility to identify subtle changes in images, even those that would be time consuming for an experienced graphic artist to detect. The new Image Difference tool provides metrics that show the degree of change between images, and visual filters with threshold adjustment that let you highlight the nature of changes and adjust the acceptable level of differences.

"Evolution’s latest features allow us to optimize and refine not only our code, but our art assets as well," said Drew Clark, Project Lead of Reactor Interactive. "By letting us physically see the difference between levels of image compression, we’ve been able to reduce load times, and texture memory without sacrificing visible quality in our higher-resolution textures."

Complementing the Image Difference tool, Evolution is specifically designed to handle large media files, which are commonplace in gaming and entertainment development projects. Easy to install and use, Evolution can scale to meet the needs any development project.

"We see this as a major advancement in source control and asset management," noted Lucas Heneks, Lead Developer of Entertainment and Game Tools for ionForge. "Visual image comparison is going to dramatically improve the development cycle of game and entertainment projects."


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