Game Institute Now Offering Undergraduate College Credit

Working in close cooperation with our academic partners at Excelsior College, one of the pioneer accredited institutions in the field of distance learning, students can now earn undergraduate level college credit for successfully completing Game Institute courses. These credits can be applied directly to Associates or Baccalaureate level degrees in Computer Science or Information Technology offered at Excelsior College, or they can be accumulated and stored in a "Credit Bank" for later transfer to an institution of the student's choice.

Game Institute courses underwent a lengthy and extensive accreditation review by a panel of university level professors actively teaching Computer Science at a number of different institutions. All of our initial courses submitted for evaluation received excellent reviews and accompanying credit recommendations. Currently, there are 18 credits available, with the following distribution:

  • C++ Programming for Game Developers Module I (4 credits)
  • 3D Graphics Programming with DirectX Module I (4 credits)
  • Graphics Programming with OpenGL (3 credits)
  • C++ Programming for Game Developers Module II (4 credits)*
  • Game Mathematics (3 credits)

The remaining Game Institute courses not included in the above list are scheduled to undergo the same evaluation process later this summer, as they were not complete at the time of review. However, the expectation of the panel, having examined some advanced copies of the course material, is that they will also successfully receive comparable credit recommendations.

In order to qualify for college credit, students must take the final examination for a given course at a proctored facility and achieve a passing grade. Proctored examinations for Game Institute courses are now being administered at over 700 testing centers located throughout the United States and Canada. Testing facilities are being managed by LaserGrade L.P., one of the largest and most respected testing companies in the U.S.

Detailed information about taking proctored examinations and how to earn college credit can be found on your Classroom Examinations page after you have logged in to the course.

<font size="1">* This examination has received accreditation approval, but will not be available to take until approximately May 20th.</font>


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