Crystal Space Looking for Donations

Crystal Space (an Open Source and portable 3D game development framework, see is looking for donations.

We try to support as many platforms as we can and currently Crystal Space works well on both Windows and GNU/Linux. Crystal Space also works on MacOS/X and 64-bit platforms but there are still many issues on those platforms because non of the main developers have access to such a machine. So we always have to depend on Crystal Space users to tell us what is wrong and then we try to fix things blindly.

Added to that one of our most active developers is stuck with very old hardware and can't even get most applications in Crystal Space to run. It is a tribute to his talent that he can manage to work on Crystal Space so well given that he can barely test his work.

So we would like to get that developer a 64-bit macintosh. This would greatly help development of Crystal Space. Both on those two platforms (MacOS/X and 64-bit) as on Crystal Space in general. If you feel this is a worthy goal for your money then you can now donate to us at this link:

Greetings and thanks in advance for your support!


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