Secrets of the Game Business

Hingham, MA, April 2005: Charles River Media announces Secrets of the Game Business, Second Edition, which unveils the inner workings of the flashy, but very serious game development and publishing industry. It is written for those thinking about creating a game development company, or who want their existing company to prosper for a long time, as well as those who just want to understand how and why the business evolved to its current dynamics.

This new edition is a compilation of the wisdom of dozens of industry insiders, publishing executives, veteran producers, independent studio owners, and writers. The book includes several new articles, and has been reorganized and updated to thoroughly cover the current state of the industry.

With the insights provided throughout the book, readers will have a solid understanding of the game business and find valuable ideas to get them started in the business or improve their own company.

Key Features

  • Covers new topics, including middleware, licenses vs. original designs, serious games, psychological profiling of consumer types, and corporate management techniques
  • Examines the publisher/developer relationship and explains how games get from developers to players
  • Includes tips to help get games on the shelves
  • Contains advice for making the production process as smooth and pleasant as possible
  • Provides an insightful look at the current state of the industry and future challenges facing developers
  • Describes how to plan and create a new game company
  • Teaches good contract negotiation skills

About the Author

François Dominic Laramée (Verdun, QC) has designed, programmed, and/or produced over 30 games for consoles, personal computers, interactive television, and online networks over the last decade. He is a prolific writer, has graduate degrees in computer science and business administration, and is the editor of Game Design Perspectives.

Book Information

ISBN: 1-58450-399-8

MSRP: U.S. $39.95 Canada $51.95

PUB DATE: April 2005

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