Artificial Studios Releases Reality Engine 13

Artificial Studios has officially released Reality Engine 13.0 as an Evaluation Kit download. Among its new features are:

  • Addition of 'NovodeX FX' scene multi-threading to take advantage of the upcoming Ageia PhysX PPU and dual-core CPUs
  • Focus on platform API abstraction for next generation PC and console support
  • New automatic world Level-Of-Detail engine
  • Improved physics tools allow construction of vehicles, ragdolls, fluids and "soft bodies" within the scene editor
  • Automated lightmap and per-pixel PRT generation

Reality Engine 13.0 includes a new royalty-based licensing plan and is compatible with the Visual Studio .NET Express Editions, suitable for smaller budget developers. Artificial Studios will also be demonstrating the Reality Engine and its physics capabilities at E3 2005, along with the PC title Metronome from Gameport AB.

About Artificial Studios:

Artificial Studios is a game and middleware studio dedicated to advancing the state of professional game development technology. Artificial Studio's flagship product is Reality Engine, a total solution for AAA games using next-generation DirectX9-powered graphics, dynamic physics, and high performance networking with a number of licensed titles already in development. Artificial Studios are simultaneously in development of an innovative, large-scale game for the PC and upcoming high-end consoles, to be unveiled at E3 2005. For more information about Artificial Studios and Reality Engine visit or e-mail


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