ionForge Joins International Game Developers Association

Irvine, CA - April 20, 2005 - ionForge Company, a leading provider of next-generation software configuration management tools, announced that they had recently joined the International Game Developers Association. ionForge is known for Evolution, the breakthrough source control and asset management solution central to proper software development projects.

Source Control Management Provider Renews Commitment to Game Developers

ionForge views this as a critical step in their efforts to give back to the game development community. ionForge CTO Nick Ni recently commented on their inclusion in the IGDA, “Our goals at ionForge are directly in line with those of the International Game Developers Association. From giving away free copies of our software to game developers, to creating the ionForge Educational Outreach Program, we have consistently worked to give something back to the game development community. Combining our efforts with those of the IGDA will allow us to do even more on behalf of game developers.”

ionForge currently works closely with and – two leading online game development resources. The reaction from both veteran and novice game developers to ionForge's free Evolution single license has been tremendous. Game developers can download a free single license of Evolution from ionForge at:

Evolution Features

FAST Remote Access
Evolution remote access works right out-of-the-box, just type in the IP address and port of the server and log in! No VPN to configure, no complicated set up or proxy, or third party software such as IIS required. Evolution works over TCP/IP, with automatic encryption and compression to make sure that it's secure and fast, even over dialup.

Evolution allows you to create super-projects called Productions that are modular groupings of files that can be versioned as a unit. Use Productions as snapshots and manipulate your changesets before committing them to the system. Productions dramatically simplify file and project management, allowing you to control groups of files with simple one-click operations.

Deferred locks
In exclusive checkout environments, Evolution provides a managed queue so lock assignment and notifications occur automatically. No more waiting, the current lock owner receives a friendly "Hurry up" message when another user enters the queue, and the new owner receives a notification when they've been assigned the lock.
IDE Integration
Perform your day-to-day tasks without leaving your development environment. Evolution supports the MS SCC API, used by the entire Microsoft family of Integrated Development Environments, including Visual Studio .NET. Artists in your team can also control their assets without ever leaving their familiar environment with Photoshop integration.
Highly Customizable Open Architecture
Evolution is open and scriptable, allowing you to better integrate Evolution with dedicated build automation and deployment tools. Use Evolution as the keystone tool in your development pipeline to control and monitor your code, but you are free to use the other tools you already have to perform auxiliary duties. The fully supported automation API will be available in May 2005.

Evolution also includes advanced Source Control Management features such as:

• Real Time Multicast Updating - Metadata changes are shown instantly
• Snapshot Architecture: Manage immutable code states as components
• Reflections, Clones, Shards - Advanced branch types for automatic code propagation and simple merging
• Easy to learn / easy to use intuitive interface
• Import from other source control solutions
• Advanced branching models - Flexible support for any development process
• Customizable Promotion Ladders - Customize Evolution to fit specific internal promotion processes
• Event triggers - Automate human procedures and manual scripts in build processes
• Special features reduce merge conflicts
• Database agnostic - Supports ANY ODBC datasource
• Uses enterprise level security
• Automated deployment through event triggers
• Identify project flaws through design deconstruction
• Complete change reports (exportable to HTML)
• Access code from anywhere using encrypted TCP/IP
• Obliteration feature – removes code without harming history
• Works in Progress - Privately commits changes for only a single developer.
• Define work boundaries
• Insulate each component owner and let them handle the specifics of their Production and promote it up your promotion ladder accordingly

About ionForge (

Founded in 2001, ionForge is committed to providing innovative solutions for the common problems encountered by software development teams.

Based in Orange County, California – ionForge is focused on providing their clients with
• An immediate return on investment.
• Minimal transitional costs.
• Long-term value.
ionForge is committed to delivering solutions that solve problems immediately, require no downtime and have little learning curve, and provide obvious value in both the medium and long term.

Mission Statement
ionForge's mission is to increase the productivity of software development teams worldwide by providing solutions to the real problems they face both on a day-to-day basis and in the long term. Through innovative technology, creative thinking, and exceptional customer service, ionForge will solve the complex issues of large enterprises at a cost that teams of any size can afford.


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